Safety and Security is a priority at TGPD.

We share our facility with Troy Gymnastics and have the following security measures in place to assure all children will be safe while in attendance at our child care center:


*ID checks for all pick up individuals/visitors


*Video surveillance cameras at main entrance


*Daycare computer kiosk for signing children in/out using a secure, fingerprint scan and/or individual codes


*Locked entrance that requires individual code for each assigned TGPD pick up/ drop off adult during the time the gymnasts are not practicing, as well as buzzer intercom system for new guests entering the building


*Multiple background checks on all our teachers, volunteers, office staff and the employees of Troy Gymnastics


*Frequent staff trainings on emergency procedures for crisis situations, as well as fire, tornado and other emergency drills with children


(248) 817-2865   |   |   1921 Northwood Troy, Michigan 48084

(Located inside of Troy Gymnastics 3)